Access Control and Time Attendance System, manage and monitor your employees’ working hours. Used by managers and businesses to keep track of when their employees start and stop working. Late arrivals, break time, working hours, and nonattendance are all monitored. Assists in lowering the expense of paying employees for time they are not working by giving confirmation of attendance.

Access Control and Time Attendance System make it much easier to safeguard entrances in today’s world. Biometric access control (using fingerprints), access cards, voice recognition, passwords, identification and authentication of personnel devices, are all examples of access controls. Physical and logical access control are the two categories of access control that the above fall under. Logical access control restricts connections to computer networks (Main server rooms), key system files, and data, whereas physical access control restricts access to schools, corporate buildings, rooms, and physical IT structures.

Businesses of all sizes benefit from time and attendance systems. It offers the boss complete authority over his or her employees. By decreasing time theft, preventing buddy punching, preventing transcription errors, and preventing human errors, an employee attendance system can assist minimize labor expenses. Manual processes, as well as the additional employees required to maintain them, are eliminated. In conclusion, Complying with labor standards and keeping proper records of employee attendance might be difficult at times.

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