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Category: Access Control and Time Attendance System

Access Control and Time Attendance System, manage and monitor your employees’ working hours. Used by managers and businesses to keep track of when their employees start and stop working. Late arrivals, break time, working hours, and nonattendance are all monitored. Assists in lowering the expense of paying employees for time they are not working by giving confirmation of attendance.

Access Control and Time Attendance System make it much easier to safeguard entrances in today’s world. Biometric access control (using fingerprints), access cards, voice recognition, passwords, identification and authentication of personnel devices, are all examples of access controls. Physical and logical access control are the two categories of access control that the above fall under. Logical access control restricts connections to computer networks (Main server rooms), key system files, and data, whereas physical access control restricts access to schools, corporate buildings, rooms, and physical IT structures.

Businesses of all sizes benefit from time and attendance systems. It offers the boss complete authority over his or her employees. By decreasing time theft, preventing buddy punching, preventing transcription errors, and preventing human errors, an employee attendance system can assist minimize labor expenses. Manual processes, as well as the additional employees required to maintain them, are eliminated. In conclusion, Complying with labor standards and keeping proper records of employee attendance might be difficult at times.

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  • C-TEC 24V 250mA Door Release Power Supply Unit c/w detector circuit Part No. BF375PE

    • A compact double gang Mains derived power supply c/w a conventional fire detector circuit.
    • Designed to provide power to up to 5 x 50mA 24V DC electromagnetic door retainers.
    • When used with two x ActiV fire detectors allows a cost-effective ‘stand-alone’ automatic door release system to be built (pre-packed BF375PEK kits are available).
    • Maximum PSU output is 250mA.
    • Trigger Release and fault monitored Zone Trigger inputs facilitate straightforward connection to fire alarm detectors, control panels, building management systems, timers, relays and other ancillary equipment.
    • Includes a manual release button, a Mains On and an Output Triggered indicator.
    • Can be mounted on a standard 25mm UK double gang flush or surface back box.
    • The BF375PE is also available as part of our BF375PEK automatic door release system kit which includes 1 x BF375PE, 2 x ActiV fire detectors, 2 x ActiV detector bases and 1 x electromagnetic door retainer.

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  • C-TEC 24V 2A Unregulated Door Release PSU Part No. BF377

    • A boxed door release power supply unit designed to provide DC power to 24V DC electromagnetic door retainers.
    • Can be controlled automatically from a fire alarm control panel or manual release keyswitch.
    • 2A max. output.
    • Includes Mains On and Output Triggered indicators
    • No battery back up facility.
    • Download datasheet


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  • C-TEC 24V 5A Encased Switch Mode PSU to EN54-4/A2 Part No. BF562-5/E

    • A powerful switch mode/digital hybrid PSU that can be customised to suit your exact requirements – see More Information tab for details.
    • Plastic cover on PSU PCB guards against touching live parts (to VDE 0100-410).
    • Includes the same electronics as our BF562-5 LPCB/VDS certified EN54-4/A2 boxed 24V 5A PSU.
    • Metal base plate facilitates straightforward mounting inside third-party OEM enclosures.
    • Includes a single-pole volt-free changeover relay that switches for any fault condition.
    • Includes a fault type & hazardous voltages present LED.
    • Two selectable battery charge currents.
    • Battery fault impedance limits can be optimised to suit load current (helps extend battery life)*.
    • Mains fail simulation mode.
    • Improved on-board temperature sensor with optional remote sensor.
    • Electronic functions comply with EN50131-6 grades 1-4 for security applications.

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  • C-TEC CFP Network Driver Card CFP761

    CFP Network Driver Card Part No. CFP761 An optional system expansion device for use with CFP Standard and CFP AlarmSense conventional fire panels. Allows the connection of up to eight CFP760 Repeaters (one CFP761 required per Main, all CFP760 repeaters include a CFP761 as standard). Communicates over screened two-wire fire resistant cable. Total repeater network cable length should …

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  • C-TEC CFP Relay Output Card (2 Output Per Zone Relays)

    • An optional system expansion device for use with CFP702-4 Standard 2 Zone Fire Panels or CFP702-2 AlarmSense 2 Zone Fire Panels.
    • Provides two output per zone relays which will changeover when the corresponding zone is in alarm (subject to certain conditions – for full details refer to the instructions, downloadable below).
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  • C-TEC CFP Relay Output Card (8 Output Per Zone Relays)

    • An optional system expansion device for use with CFP708-4 Standard 8 Zone Fire Panels or CFP708-2 AlarmSense 8 Zone Fire Panels.
    • Provides eight output per zone relays which will changeover when the corresponding zone is in alarm (subject to certain conditions – for full details refer to the instructions, downloadable below).
    • PCB mounts inside the CFP fire panel.
    • Outputs are NOT designed to switch mains voltages.
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  • C-TEC Power Supply Configurator Part No. BF423

    • Allows C-TEC’s BF560 and BF562 range of boxed, caged and PCB-only EN54-4/A2 Power Supplies to be optionally customised to suit an application.
    • Configurable PSU parameters include Float voltage temperature compensation; Battery charge rate (mA); Battery impedance; Input/Output settings.
    • Intuitive and easy-to-use with comprehensive Help files.
    • Requires a PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.
    • Includes a Configurator, software CD, mini-USB to standard-USB connection lead and a 1.3mm to 1.3mm connection lead c/w adaptor.
    • IMPORTANT: Changing a PSU’s parameters will render its EN54-4/A2 approval obsolete and any changes must be tested by the responsible person for correct operation.
    • Free software updates available via our Software Page
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  • C-TEC STU Mounting Plate for BF360/12 or BF560/12 12V 2A PSU Part No. BF360SP

    • Facilitates the mounting of a third-party Subscriber Terminal Unit (STU) in a BF360-12 or BF560/12 12V 2A PSU.
    • Finished in 1.2mm steel.
    • Accessory pack includes installation instructions, mounting screws, fixing pads, cable clip and cable tie.
    • Can also be used with a BF360-24 or BF560-24 1.5A 24V PSU by using an ancillary BF360BOX enclosure mounted alongside the PSU.

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  • Compact TOUCHLOCK keypad – K75 | Sales Code: 371-210-EX

    For internal use only
    Use with Compact system
    Single door access control system
    4 to 8 digit codes with up to 50 codes
    Optional 20 digit lockout
    1 to 60 sec door open time
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  • Embedded Type Series ST-226EA


    Waterproof proximity reader with stainless steel luminous buttons which glow . Embedded type of installation to prevent rough surface of the wall which may

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  • Entry monitor – desktop stand | Sales Code: 337-294-EX

    Adjustable screen angle
    Quick and simple installation
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  • EPORDO BT-E4 Time and Attendance


    Description: Facial capacity 300 Fingerprint capacity 3000 Storage Capacity 200000 Identification mode Fingerprint, facial, password Recognition ways 1:N,1:1 Facial Recognition speed ≤1s Fingerprint Recognition Speed 0.7s FAR ≤0.0001% FRR ≤0.01% Standard Function USB2.0 exempt drive ,TCP/IP OS Linux Hardware Platform Atmel 400MHz Keyboard 4*4 keyboard Master Chip Atmel 9G25 Alarm function Intimidation alarm, tamper alarm, forced door-opening alarm, door-opening …

    EPORDO BT-E4 Time and AttendanceRead More

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  • EPORDO BT-E8 Time and Attendance


    360°Fingerprint identification

    Fingerprints, card and password
    multiple recognition.Hd without
    membrance fingerprint acquisition
    area, supporting dry and wet finger,
    360° accurate identification.


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  • EPORDO BT-F8 Time and Attendance and Fever Detection System

    • International leading ultra-high speed facial recognition algorithm
      *Night vision infrared, color dual cameras
      *The original cross-matching technology can realize in live detection, eliminate photo and model attacks
      *Material: PC*+etching process + mirror surface technology, ergonomic design
    • *7 inch touch screen
    • *Supports cross-network connection across gateways.
      *Perfect balance of FAR&FRR.
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  • EPORDO ET-F9 Face and Fingerprint Device


    1.Professional fingerprint and facial access control machine

    1. The integrated access control machine connecting with facial, fingerprint and password
    2. The CPU isAtmel 9G25
    3. Highidentifying speeds and accuracy
    4. Linux OS

     6.Interface and voice of the machine can be freely switched

    1. Multi optional function

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  • EPORDO- FA-003V Time Attendance Device

    Fingerprint Capacity: 3000; Record Capacity:60000;
    * Fingerprint image and real time letter Display;
    * Built in embedded standalone module with high performance SAMSUNG 32 bit X-scale CPU, big capacity FLASH and CMOS chips.
    * Embeded with alarm function.
    * Be equipped with system of calendar and be on an equal footing with PC.
    * Sensor with quality image, accepts dry, wet fingers.
    * Support 360-degree rotation identification, easy to use.
    * Adjust image distortion, assure fingerprint matching consistency.
    * Accept ODM or OEM, providing system local voice, menu language, software analysis, casing-making.
    * It is a good option for enterprise / factory / tax / bank.etc use.

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