Proximity reader exist as part of a large access control system. Many organizations have their readers fitted to doors. From where they are, the readers emit electromagnetic field that experts call the excite field. This field is large enough and covers a large radius around the card reader.

The card absorbs some of the field’s energy and convert it to electricity. That way, the card’s circuit turns on so the card can transmit its numbers to the card reader.

The Proximity reader transmits the numbers from the card to the control system. The card has wireless communication with the reader, the reader has wires to send data to and from the system.

  • Paxton Compact proximity reader – P75 | Sales Code: 373-210-EX

    For internal use only
    Use with Compact system
    Single door access control system
    Available in black or white
    Works with standalone card packs
    Up to 10,000 users on one site
  • PAXTON Compact Proximity Reader – P38 | Sales Code: 333-210-EX

    For internal use only
    Use with Compact system
    Single door access control system
    Available in black or white
    Works with standalone card packs
    Up to 10,000 users on one site

    1. Mini standalone, compact size.

    2. Stainless steel buttons with water proof design.

    3. Built-in doorbell button(110V/3A).

    4. Extra large BAR indicator lights.

    5. Polycarbonate fireproof material for casing( white or dark gray).

    6. Extra large bar size indicator light consists of instructions (red and green). Glowing indicator with red or green light acted as an assistance to press the buttons at night.

    7. Water-proof design equipped with doorbell buttons for outdoor fitting. 

    8. Five door opening methods: password door opening, proximity card door opening, proximity card plus password opening, password or proximity card door opening, special system password door opening. 

    9. 3×4 Stainless steel durable buttons, anti-acidity and salinity. 

    10. 2,000cards capacity, 8-digit card number.  

    11. Any illegal forms of entering occurred, such as illegal entry or enter without card, alarm will be activated. 

    Single or batch registration can be done with reader. Cards could be distributed before registration. 

    12. Tamper switch. Alarm will be activated when machine is being tampered with force. 

    13. Power consumption: 1.8W, power supply: 12V/1A. 

    14.Dimensions of outer case: 125L x 33H x 70W (mm). 

    15. Operating temperature: 0~65oC. Humidity: 85% Rh max.


    • Proximity main reader can be connected to computer to provide online information inquiry/setting, door opening and closing, alarm activation and etc. It can be used as standalone operation.
    • During the operation of the proximity main system, historical data (recording entry & exit information) storage can be reached up to 6,000 batches. When it is being connected with computer, the capacity of recording of entry and exit information is unlimited which records detailed data of the cards.
    • Proximity main system’s maximum capacity for valid cards is 9,000 cards. Each card self set individual password and time zone for entry and exit.
    • The entry and exit control area of proximity main system includes card number, password, time zone, special holidays, status control, and anti-passback.
    • When the reader has detected that the system has been damaged or the door has been opened illegally or the door did not close over a specific time limit, then alarm will be activated.
    • System provides 48 sets of time zone for user to set. Each time zone has five time districts.
    • The system has self hardware testing function when the equipment is power on.
    • Anti-duress function available and user is able to enter specific password to send help signal.
    • Door open methods: proximity, proximity and password, push button, door open by the computer’s command, special system password.
    • When sudden power cut occurred, internal battery would operate and therefore information in the internal memory will not be lost and system timer can be operated as normal.
    • One proximity reader can be added to the sub-reader for controlling of entry and exit.
    • Single proximity or card number entry.
    • Simple attendance function. The day’s first and last data as attendance data (available in text file when exporting).
    • External sub-reader available to connect.
    • Maximum proximity distance: 15cm (125KHz), 5cm (13.56MHz) (depending on types of card).
    • Power consumption: 180mA (standby); 210mA (operation)
    • Frequency: 125KHz or 13.56MHz.
    • Operation temperature: 0~60℃; Humidity: 85%Rh max.
    • Dimensions: 160(L)×100(W)×30(H) (mm)
    • Weight:450g
    • Certification: CE

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