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Category: coaxial cable

Coaxial cable, a transmission line used to carry high-frequency electrical signals with low losses. An electrical cable with an inner conductor surrounded by a concentric conducting shield. The cable conducts electrical signal using an inner conductor. Normally protected by an outer insulating jacket. The outside of the shield kept at ground potential and a signal carrying voltage applied to the center conductor.

Further, electric and magnetic fields outside the cable, kept from interfering with signals inside the cable. The cable a good choice both for carrying weak signals. Common applications of coaxial cable include video and CATV distribution, RF and microwave transmission, and computer and instrumentation data connections.

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    • 305m UTP CAT6;
    • Support PoE long-distance transmission;
    • Excellent OFC with 99.99% OFC(oxygen free copper) purity;
    • Environmentally-friendly outer sheath, meet the CPR E/ UL CM class;
    • Top-notch quality guarantee for 10 years.
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    RG59 Coaxial Cable (300y)

    High quality CCTV cable to provide the best quality signal for your camera system. Our Rg59 Cable will deliver 100% vision to the viewer When you terminate both ends with BNC connectors to plug into your camera or DVR recorder.

    This professional CCTV cable comes in rolls of 300y. If you choose this cable you will need to power your cameras from a local source or run a seperate power cable.

    This cable is also specially designed for outdoor use. The cable comes equipped with two jackets for maximum protection from the elements. The inner jacket is made of PVC and the outer jacket is made with PE. The PE jacket makes the cable extremely resistant to cold weather, moisture, chemicals, abrasion, cutting, and even lightening; while the inner jacket adds additional protection to the conductors. With its durable construction, you can rest assured that your cable will stand up to what ever Mother Nature throws at it. Siamese cables give you the power to centralize your video and power distribution for your CCTV systems, and allows for more flexible placement of your security cameras. Our RG59 cables are coupled with stranded 18 gauge power cables. Combined with our BNC connectors and power terminal pigtail this will give you rock-solid connections for flexible and reliable installations throughout your building. The 500 foot cables come on a wooden spool marked at every foot, perfect for pulling on its own or loading onto your cable tree.

    • 500 ft or 300yards of RG59 + Power Cable
    • Great for surveillance, BNC connections
    • 18 AWG Gauge (power) and 20 AWG CCA (RG59)
    • CM Jacket (in-wall installation approved)
    • 95% Copper Braid Shielding
    • 300 yards black cable for outdoor and indoor use
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