Control panels connect detectors, alarms, suppression systems, and monitoring stations to communicate fire detection and response signals.
Control panel activate visual, audio, and occasionally other forms of notification equipment to alert residents of an emergency situation.

There are two kinds of fire panels available today: Addressable fire alarm panel vs. conventional fire alarm panel. A conventional fire alarm control panel employs one or more circuits, connected to initiating devices wired in parallel. Addressable panels are more advanced than traditional panels, with greater information capacity and control flexibility.

Voice evacuation panels are another type of fire alarm control panel. Designed to provide outputs for speakers in the system.

A fire suppression system will be installed on important and valuable structures. The panel notifies a monitoring center of the alarm status, and people at the receiving location decide what to do next. The panel controls HVAC systems, building automation controls, access points, and elevators to isolate the fire or route workers.

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