• C-TEC EP203 Automatic Extinguisher Panel Part No. EP203


    Technical Specifications
    Approvals/certifications Certified to EN12094-1 and EN54-2 & 4 by the LPCB.
    Mains supply 230V 50/60Hz.
    Mains rated current 810mA max.
    Internal power supply 19V-28.5V (27V nominal). Ripple 7V maximum (battery fault).
    Total output current limited to 1.5A @ 230Vac continuous, 3A peak (ImaxA eq 800mA).
    Quiescent current 40mA (on mains fail). Zone quiescent 2mA max.
    Max battery size and type 2 x 12V 7Ah VRLA connected in series.
    No. of detector zone circuits 3 @ 19-28Vdc (Max. length per circuit is 250m).
    Max. devices per detector zone 20 detectors (or 32 detectors/manual call points combined).
    No. of conventional sounder circuits 3 (two x 1st stage; one x 2nd stage). Max. length per circuit is 50m).
    EOL resistor value 6800 5% Tol. 0/25W (blue, grey, red, gold).
    Max. sounder output current 3 x 200mA.
    Auxiliary relays Six: (1) Fire; (2) Local Fire; (3) Extract Fan; (4) 1st Stage; (5) 2nd Stage; (6) Fault. Volt free single pole
    changeover. Max. switch current 1A; Max. switch voltage 30Vdc. Five additional relays available via
    EP212 relay card.
    Other outputs Extinguishant release (21-28Vdc, rated at 1A for 5 mins). Programmable to delay by 0-60 seconds; to
    be active for 1-300 seconds and to flood for 60-1800 seconds.
    Auxiliary inputs Six: (1) Manual Release; (2) Flow Switch; (3) Low Pressure; (4) Mode; (5) Hold; (6) Abort. 8K-2K normal;
    1.8K-200 active; 150-0 short circuit. EOL value: 6K8 +/-5%, 0.25W.
    Indicators Multiple indicators are provided – refer to the EP203 instructions for details.
    Controls Extinguishant release (housed in yellow casing); Accessed keyswitch; Operation keyswitch (Manual
    only or Manual & Auto); Buttons for Menu; Silence internal sounder; reset panel; silence/resound
    sounders and scrolling.
    Expansion connections Yes – for up to 8 x Remote status units (2 wire RS485 + 2 wire power) and/or up to 8 x Ecomomy
    status units (2 wire power + 2 wire mode select).
    Product dimensions (mm) 439 W x 276 H x 70 D mm (back box); 467 W x 293 H x 29 D mm (lid).
    Construction & finish Metal back box; metal chassis’ plastic lid.
    IP Rating IP30.
    Weight 4.2kg (without batteries).
    Operating conditions/temperature -5°C to +40°C. Max relative humidity: 95%



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