• Zeta Smart Connect Multiloop Fire Alarm Panel , 26 Port Addressable (SMART 6)

    The SMART6 Multi-loop is a powerful and sophisticated
    Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel that
    offers a variety of modular components which allow it to
    meet a wide variety of applications.
    The graphical touch screen provides a clear,
    uncluttered and intuitive interface which results in the
    end user requiring minimal training.
    The control panel has the capability to support complex
    cause and effect programming and a wide range of
    user controllable functions that make the panel suitable
    for a vast range of projects from multi-site commercial
    developments through to industrial applications.
    It can operate as part of a networked system of up to
    64 panel’s peer-to-peer, or a standalone panel. It has
    powerful programming options that allow configurable
    control over whether messages from specific panels
    are transmitted around the network or remain local


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