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  • C-Tec FP 8 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel-Ff388-2


    C-Tec CFP 8 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel Ff388-2   Ff388-2 certified to EN54-2/4, C-TEC’s CFP 8 zone conventional fire alarm panel offers an array of user and installer-friendly features at a very competitive price. Supplied in an attractive flush or surface mountable plastic enclosure, it includes two detector zones, four conventional sounder circuits, class change …

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  • SOCA SL-130 Dead Bolt Lock ( All purpose type )

    • SL-130A
      N.C. door position detection output
      Power Supply: DC12V
    • SL-130U
      Door position detection and bolt
      position (N.C. & N.O.) output points
      Power Supply: DC12~24V
    • Please note that this electric lock has an oval cylinder and its width is 5.8cm. Therefore, the best position to install is at the center of the door leaf (not door frame)
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  • SOCA SL-100D Dead Bolt Lock ( for automatic door)

    • SL- 100D
      Power supply: DC 12V
      Without door position detection output
    • SL- 100DA
      Power supply: DC 12V
      With N.O. door position detection output
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  • SOCA SL 100A Dead Bolt


    SL-100 has its own micro-computer control and detection. It is strongly suggested to use its own door open point (N.O. point) to open door and do not turn its power off (N.C. point) to open door.

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  • Soca SD-30 Armored Door Loop

    • Flexible Stainless Steel Conduit
    • Flexible Conduit Internal Diameter: 70mm
    • Flexible Conduit Length: 300mm
    • Suitable for SL-120 or SL-130
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  • Soca Glass Holder

    • To be used with BR-100 to install SL-100 Dead Bolt Lock.
    • Suitable for frameless glass door (thickness of 9mm~12mm).
    • Stainless steel built for durability.
    • Rubber plate and steel plate for strong holding.
    • Weight: 1000g
    • 193 x 45.5 x 21
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  • Soca BR-220 L&Z Bracket


    This bracket is ideal for house owners, corporations and factories, office and warehouse owners who need a dependable system to keep their doors in place.

    The Soca Soca BR-200 L&Z Bracket works with the SL-220 magnetic lock to ensure that your in-swing doors remain solidly in place.

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  • Soca BR-200 L&Z Bracket


    This bracket is ideal for house owners, corporations and factories, office and warehouse owners who need a dependable system to keep their doors in place.

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  • Soca Surface Mount Bracket

    • To be used with SL-100 Dead Bolt Lock.
    • Suitable for all types of 90º or 180º door.
    • Surface mount the bracket when unable to drill hole in the door frame.
    • Glass door.
    • Thickness of door : 9mm – 12mm.
    • The distance between door and door frame at least 6 mm
    • Sturdy built for durability.
    • Simple installation without knocking any holes out.
    • Able to integrate with UB-100 glass holder.
    • Optional of BR-100C Bracket available.
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  • ZETA Standard Protocol Loop card for Smart6 Multi Panel


    The plug-in loop card module provides power for, and handles communications to the analog addressable devices. It has 4 fault status LED’s for added fault finding

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  • ZETA Smart Connect Multiloop Repeater Panel


    Zeta SMART1/M SmartConnect Touchscreen 1 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panel comes with Metal Enclosure The SmartConnect is a fully-featured single loop addressable fire alarm panel with a user-friendly 4.3-inch touch screen display and remote monitoring via a desktop PC or smartphone via the cloud. The panel is housed in an attractive, modern designed, flame retardant …

    ZETA Smart Connect Multiloop Repeater PanelRead More

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  • ZETA Smart6 Multiloop Network Module


    The SMART Connect Multi-loop system network has the facility to monitor, indicate and control the functions of a fire alarm installation, thus allowing signals to be distributed around a large site. The network will accommodate up to 64 nodes. The network uses RS485 data communication.

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  • ZETA Smart Connect Multiloop Card Module(MKII)


    The SCM-MIM is a six input module that is
    designed to be DIN mounted inside of a Smart
    Connect Multiloop control panel. It’s powered
    and interfaced to the Smart Connect Multiloop
    via a RJ45 connection.

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  • ZETA Smart Connect Multiloop 6 expansion port panel

    1. The SMART6 Multi-loop is a powerful and sophisticated Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel that offersavarietyofmodularcomponentswhichallowitto meet a wide variety of applications. The graphical touch screen provides a clear, uncluttered and intuitive interface which results in the end user requiring minimal training. The control panel has the capability to support complex causeandeffectprogrammingandawiderangeof user controllable functions that make the panel suitable for a vast range of projects from multi-site commercial developments through to industrial applications
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  • ZETA Zener Barrier


    The Zeta zener barrier is an intrinsically safe, zone-powered, Zener-diode barrier for use in conventional fire detection systems for protection within hazardous areas.

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    Proximity card packs are for use with proximity compact, Easyprox compact and Switch2 systems. The cards are supplied in wallets. An intuitive ‘shadow card’ system is used for ease of management.

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