• Gent 34740 Angle Bracket and Base (S4-34741-01)

    The Gent 34740 Angle Bracket and Base is designed for use in areas where the S4-34740 beam detector will not be installed on a vertical surface, or where the beam path is not perpendicular to the installation surface. It is supplied with a pre-installed S-Quad base.

    Gent’s S-Quad Beam Sensors provide an enhanced solution for linear beam detection for applications where point detection is neither practical nor economical. Powered and controlled via the loop, the beam is a market-leading device with features such as ‘one man alignment and commissioning, which is achieved using the auto gain setting. This ensures the optimum alignment is reached. Maintenance of the beam is enhanced with a key-operated test feature that simulates the beam’s obscuration in a fire. The Gent loop powered beam is certified to EN54 parts 12 and 1.

    Key Features

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