Gent 34740 Angle Bracket and Base (S4-34741-01)


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Key Features
  • Angle Bracket for difficult applications allowing wide angle adjustment up to +/- 30°
  • Multi-angle fitting
  • Supplied with base
  • Simple alignment

Gent 34740 Angle Bracket and Base (S4-34741-01)

The Gent 34740 Angle Bracket and Base is designed for use in areas where the S4-34740 beam detector will not be installed on a vertical surface, or where the beam path is not perpendicular to the installation surface. It is supplied with a pre-installed S-Quad base.

Gent’s S-Quad Beam Sensors provide an enhanced solution for linear beam detection for applications where point detection is neither practical nor economical. Powered and controlled via the loop, the beam is a market-leading device with features such as ‘one man alignment and commissioning, which is achieved using the auto gain setting. This ensures the optimum alignment is reached. Maintenance of the beam is enhanced with a key-operated test feature that simulates the beam’s obscuration in a fire. The Gent loop powered beam is certified to EN54 parts 12 and 1.

Key Features
  • Multi-angle fitting.
  • Supplied with base.
  • Simple alignment.4

S-Quad beam sensors provide four functions in ONE device. These are Multi-sensor, Speech, Sounder, and Strobe (visual alarm) in one intelligent, discreet device that provides a safe and cost-effective solution for most applications.

  • Sensor

    A truly intelligent analog sensor incorporating exceptional computing power in the sensor as well as the panel. This helps to achieve an extremely fast response to a real fire whilst minimizing the risk of false alarms.

  • Speech

    Sensor sounder functionality is capable of delivering synchronized messages throughout the building.

  • Sounder

    Combined sensor sounder technology provides a cost-effective solution for alarm signaling. This saves on installation costs as there is no need for additional power supplies. Synchronized messages are transmitted through the same sensor that detects the fire.

  • Strobe (visual alarm)

    The S-Quad Multi-sensor is a fully integrated Visual Alarm Device (VAD). It is the only practical solution that meets the demands of detection and the performance needed to meet the EN54-23 standard.

Combining the CO technology into the O2H sensor gives this multisensor the benefits of both high false alarm rejection and fast detection of a wide range of fire types.

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Gent 34740 Angle Bracket and Base (S4-34741-01)


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