Zeta Fyreye MkII Conventional Heat Detectors MKII-HF/CS90


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Designed to meet EN54 requirement
Lockable to base to stop unauthorised removal
Remote LED output
Compatible with all Fyreye bases


Zeta Fyreye MkII Conventional Heat Detectors MKII-HF/CS90

The Fyreye Rate of Rise heat detectors (MKII-HF)
use a thermistor arrangement to sense a quick rise in
temperature and also a final threshold temperature of
57°C. The Fyreye fixed heat detector (MKII-HF) has a
single thermistor arrangement that gives an alarm at a
temperature of 90°C.
There are 4 types of mounting base available; standard
or deep and with or without diode.

Zeta Fyreye MKII Conventional Heat Fixed Detector MKII-HF detect heat at a temperature of 90 degree. At this stage the Alarm is triggered

Technical Specification
Model                MKII-OP         MKII-OH                                MKII-HF   MKII-HF/CS90    MKII-HR
Part No.             80-200          80-206                                   80-204    80-208             80-202
Detector Class Optical Smoke Combined Smoke & Heat Fixed Heat Only Fixed Heat Only Rate of Rise & Fixed
Heat Detector
Design Standard EN54 part 7   EN54 parts 5 & 7                    EN54 part 5 EN54 part 5     EN54 part 5
Approval DIFT
CPD Number      0845-CPD232.1700 0845-CPD232.1703   0845-CPD232.1701                       0845-CPD232.1702
Operating Voltage 9-33V DC
Quiescent Current 40μA
Alarm Current @ 24V DC 34mA
Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C -10°C to +50°C    -10°C to +50°C   -10°C to +80°C        -10°C to +50°C
Min. Continuous Temp. 0°C
Maximum Humidity 95% RH non-condensing
Alarm Condition 2.4% obscuration per metre Fixed heat trigger @57°C
Fixed heat trigger @90°C
Rate of rise or fixed heat trigger @ 57°C
Coverage 100m² 50m2
IP Rating IP43
Start-up Time 10 Seconds
Size (with Base) 100 x 48 mm 101 x 64 mm 100 x 48 mm 100 x 48 mm
Weight (with Base) 75g (133g)

Additional information

Weight 133 kg
Dimensions 10.0 × 4.8 cm
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Zeta Fyreye MkII Conventional Heat Detectors MKII-HF/CS90


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