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400-210W | Fire Alarm Safety Isolator Switch


Technical Specification

  • Working Voltage : 250AV
  • Colour : Red or White
  • Switch Contact Rating : Double Pole – 250V AC 4Amp
  • FUSE Rating : Max – 6A Fast (20mm) supplied
  • Enclosure Material : RoHS Compliant FR ABS
  • Weight : 175g

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Fire Alarm Mains Safety Isolator Switch

The Fire Safety Isolator Switch provides a secure method for safety isolating the mains voltage supply to fire systems in accordance with BS 5839 Part1 2002.

Both the live and Neural supply is switched and a fuse is also provided.

The supply can only be isolated by an authorised person, by means of a keylock switch.  The key is removable in both ON/OFF positions.

The fuse cannot be removed without taking the cover off.

A neon indicator is provided to indicate mains present at the switched output.

When in the off position the FUSE is disconnected from the supply.


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