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  • 13.8V dc output
  • Cost effective switch mode technology
  • High energy efficient – reducing energy bills
  • Modular construction means easy maintenance and upgrading
  • Full rated current to load +0.5A battery charging
  • 90 to 264V ac range
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Mains transient protection
  • LED indication:
  • Mains status
  • Fault
  • Screen printing available
  • 3 year warranty
  • 12V d.c. Switch Mode PSU (13.8V) 2Amp to load + 0.5A battery charging.
  • Efficient Switch Mode operation.
  • Multi LED status indication.
  • Unboxed, Lug or DIN rail fixing.
  • 133L x 85w x 42d

Elmdene G13802NU 12V Switch Mode Power Supply Unit 2A (Unboxed, Lug or DIN Rail Fixing)

The 12V dc G Range, N Series power supplies has been designed for CCTV, access control and general purpose applications that require the use of a standby battery. The products use energy efficient switch mode technology and have a universal mains supply input (90—264V ac). Elmdene’s FOM4 or FOM8 units can be fitted to give 4 or 8 independent fused outputs if required. The modular range consists of 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A power variants with full rated current to load and also feature a fully regulated output with low ripple and noise. Unboxed (module only) versions are also available if required.

Advantages of Switch Mode Technology

Elmdene products using switch mode technology are typically 80-87% efficient. This can save your customers money by reducing their energy bills and carbon footprint. Switch mode technology provides for lower power consumption, provides cool running and energy efficient products that can result in improved long term reliability.

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