Gent Duct Smoke-Sensor Housing (S4-34760 )


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• Direction of flow indicated by housing
• Single sampling tube
• Compatible with S-Quad Sensors
• Sampling tubes available in three lengths
• Mounting bracket available
• Remote LED can be installed via S-Quad monitor output
• Air Duct uses Venturi process
• Fully integrated into Vigilon loop


Gent Duct Smoke-Sensor Housing – S4-34760

Gent Duct Smoke-Sensor Housing – S4-34760 is specifically designed for use in ventilation ducting. It is mounted externally to the duct, the device uses venturi probe technology to sample the air for smoke. If smoke is detected, the device triggers the shut down of air-conditioning or ventilation systems to isolate the hazard and prevent it from spreading.

Unfortunately, air ducts do not just guarantee fresh air but in the event of a fire, they can also deliver toxic smoke from the fire source to a distant area via the exhaust air system. Therefore air ducts must be monitored. The Honeywell Gent duct sensor housing offers effective protection and is easy to install and maintain. The Gent duct sensor housing is supplied complete with an S Quad Sensor base and is thus compatible with the full range of S-Quad detectors (S4-911 in high sensitivity state is recommended). The housing is mounted on the outside of the air duct. A Venturi pipe (0.6m, 1.5m, or 2.8m) is inserted into the duct and delivers air from the duct through the detection chamber and back to the duct. An airflow indicator shows whether there is airflow through the housing. A maintenance hole in the transparent cover allows test spray to be applied without opening the cover.
Using the Venturi effect means that a single sampling tube can be used and air velocities of as little as 1 Metre a second can be sensed. A mounting bracket is also available to mount the detector on circular and insulated ducts. The housing can be mounted in any orientation. The arrow shape design can be mounted in any orientation. The arrow shape design of the tough grey abs housing shows the direction of flow, thus making installation quick and simple.

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Dimensions 18.0 × 23.5 × 18.3 cm
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Gent Duct Smoke-Sensor Housing

Gent Duct Smoke-Sensor Housing (S4-34760 )


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