Gent VIG-LPC-EN Vigilon Loop Card (EN54) (2Km) for VIG1-24 and VIG1-72 Fire Alarm Control Panel


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Key Features

  • Compatible with VIGPLUS-24 & VIGPLUS-72 Vigilon Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Increased capacity for loop powered devices including the new EN54-23 visual alarm devices
  • Supports longer loop lengths up to 2km (Use of the loop load design tool may result in longer loops being allowed)
  • Loop current increased to 800mA when used with the latest S-Quad and S-Cubed devices
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Gent VIG-LPC-EN Vigilon Loop Card

The Gent VIG-LPC-EN Vigilon Loop Card complies with EN54-23 fully and it is available on EN54 versions of the Vigilon range of panels. The increased power allows for up to 100 EN54-23 sensor-sounder-strobes on a 2km loop, managing up to 200 devices.


  • Improved efficiency with 2 times more alarm power with no loss of standby
  • Supports up to 100 S-Quad Sensor-Sounder-VADs certified to EN54-23
  • Supports the upgrade of existing Vigilon installations



Loop alarm current

The new loop card supports a higher loop load in alarm and delivers a higher capacity for EN54-23 compliant visual alarms devices. The maximum alarm load of 800mA is available ONLY with the new range of alarm devices. With any of the old range of alarm devices (S-Quad, S-Cubed) the maximum alarm load is limited to 400mA per loop.

Loop length

The loop card is capable of supporting loops in excess of 1km with a maximum length of 2km with 1.5mm2 cable. This is subject to loop population and distribution of sounders and visual alarm devices.

Alarm device distribution

A key factor affecting the loop length and alarm current capability of the loop card is the distribution of alarm devices on the loop. In some circumstances the new loop card may support fewer devices or loop lengths less than 2km. Reference should be made to the loop load calculations in the installation instructions and
by use of the Battery Standby and Loop Load Calculator Tool.

Validating loop length

The loop card will automatically measure (and display on the panel) the loop resistance of each loop on allocation. This will allow engineers to easily fulfil one of the required tasks for commissioning the system. If the resistance exceeds a safe limit it will indicate a fault.

Datasheet for Vigilon Loop Card

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Gent VIG-LPC-EN Vigilon Loop Card

Gent VIG-LPC-EN Vigilon Loop Card (EN54) (2Km) for VIG1-24 and VIG1-72 Fire Alarm Control Panel


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