Gent by Honeywell Vesda-E VEA-40 Aspirating Smoke Detector with 3.5” TouchScreen Display(VEA-040-A10)

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Pinpoint addressability

Local host-mode USB port

Easy cable termination access

40 addressable microbore tubes with individual sampling points

Assured detection with end to end system integrity monitoring

WiFi, 802.11 b/g/n

Automatic sampling point cleaning at set intervals

Three sensitivity settings for the sampling points

Variable length capillary tubes, up to 100 m (330 ft)

Laser-based absolute smoke detection

Coarse particle filtering and clean air barrier for optics protection

3.5” colour touch screen for status review

Two GPIs, monitored and unmonitored

Xtralis VSC and VSM4 PC software support

iVESDA application for system monitoring on mobile devices

Interruption-free business operation with centralised testing and maintenance

IP 40 enclosure (not UL tested)

Easy mounting with steel support bracket

Field replaceable filter, smoke sensor module, pump and rotary valve

VESDAnet networking

Ethernet 100BASE-T

Single sampling point or single tube blockage detection at set intervals

Event Log (20.000 events)

Reliable linear pump technology

LEDs for alarm and fault signalling

Automatic sampling point presence and tube breakage detection at set intervals

Seven programmable relays


Vesda-E VEA-40 Aspirating Smoke Detector
combines VESDA reliability and early warning smoke detection with pinpoint addressability and a variety of annunciation options that truly surpass traditional spot detectors. They use patented air sampling points and multichannel microbore air-sampling with three alarm sensitivity settings for the sampling points. As a
multi-channel, addressable system, the Vesda-E VEA-40 Aspirating Smoke Detector is able to divide a protected space into sampling locations, enabling the localization of potential sources of fire for faster incident response. The detectors are suitable for protection of areas where pinpoint location of fire events is essential, thus providing ideal fire detection solutions for healthcare, offices, education, retail, prisons and electrical cabinets. A wide range of features provide flexibility, field programmability, enhanced connectivity and reduced total cost of ownership.

VESDA detectors and devices communicate on VESDAnet which provides a
robust bi-directional communication network allowing continued redundant operation even during single point wiring failures. VESDAnet enables primary reporting, centralized configuration, control, maintenance and monitoring.

VESDA-E detectors offer Ethernet and WiFi connectivity as standard features. The detector can be added to a corporate network, allowing WiFi enabled tablet devices and laptops installed with Xtralis configuration software to connect
wirelessly to the detector via the network.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 35.2 × 33.6 × 13.6 cm
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Gent by Honeywell Vesda-E VEA-40 Aspirating Smoke Detector with 3.5” TouchScreen Display(VEA-040-A10)