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Gent Xenex 2 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel



    • Gent Xenex 13270-02LB
    • 2 sounder circuits
    • 1A sounder circuit max load
    • Conforms to EN54: parts 2 & 4
    • On-board relay
    • Fire and fault relay expansion card optional
    • Easy configuration
    • Class change input


The GENT 2 ZONE CONVENTIONAL PANEL provides small building owners with high-quality security at an affordable price. The Xenex panel is fully compliant with EN 54 Parts 2 and 4 and can be used on BS 5839-1-compliant installations.

Each panel has its own integrated power supply and battery support for up to eight alarm sounder circuits, two auxiliary relay connections, a zone disablement facility, and a one-man test and commission facility, making system design, installation, and commissioning much easier.


  • Xenex uses normal 2-core wire to deploy devices on traditional radial wiring configurations.
  • Smoke detectors (optical, beam, and duct types), heat detectors (fixed temperature or rate of rise types), sounders, strobes, and bells are also available.
  • There are shallow base, deep base, and bedhead sounder varieties to choose from.
  • IP55 sounders, sirens, and bells are available for installations that require a high level of weatherproofing.
  • Manual call points (IP54 rated or key controlled anti-vandal kinds, available as surface mounted or flush-fitted variants), door release units, and Xenon flashers are all common additions that can be accommodated.
  • Spare test keys (for testing manual call points without breaking the glass), spare glasses (packs of 10) and the False alarm verification feature (to filter out false alerts) are all software options.


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