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EPORDO Face and Fingerprint Access Control Device

Original price was: ₦121,000.00.Current price is: ₦119,000.00.

1.Professional fingerprint and facial access control machine

  1. The integrated access control machine connecting with facial, fingerprint and password
  2. The CPU isAtmel 9G25
  3. Highidentifying speeds and accuracy
  4. Linux OS

 6.Interface and voice of the machine can be freely switched

  1. Multi optional function



Facial capacity 300
Fingerprint capacity 3000
Storage Capacity 200000
Identification mode Fingerprint, facial, password
Recognition ways 1:N,1:1
Facial Recognition speed ≤1s
Fingerprint Recognition Speed 0.7s
FAR ≤0.0001%
FRR ≤0.01%
Standard Function USB2.0 exempt drive ,TCP/IP
OS Linux
Hardware Platform Atmel 400MHz
Keyboard 4*4 keyboard
Master Chip Atmel 9G25
Alarm function Intimidation alarm, tamper alarm, forced door-opening alarm, door-opening overtime alarm, entrance point alarm
Lock output NO/NC
Weigand out and in Yes
Door open button Both normal button and wireless remote control
Use distance 30-80cm
Net weight 335.9g
Gross weight 575.2g
Size of the Machine 78×201×66.3MM
Size of the Package 150×240×80MM
Size of cartoon 530×310×610MM
Quantity of the package 28PCS/CTN
Optional function 1. Fingerprint capacity:10000

2. Facial capacity:2000/3000


4. ID card(125Khz)

5. IC card(13.56Mhz)



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