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Apollo Addressable Fire Alarm Series 65A Base – High-Performance Detector Mounting Solution

Two-wire base
• Detector locking mechanism
• One-way fit
• Easy to wire
• Contains a ground wire terminal
• Contains no electric parts

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Elevate Your Detector Setup

Introducing the Apollo Series 65A Base, the ultimate solution to streamline and enhance your detector system. This versatile base is designed to perfectly accommodate all detectors in the Series 65A range. Whether you’re setting up a new fire detection system or upgrading an existing one, the Series 65A Base is your ideal choice.

Superior Design, Maximum Convenience

Detector Locking Mechanism

We understand the importance of secure detector placement. The Series 65A Base features a detector locking mechanism that ensures your detectors stay in place, providing you with peace of mind. Say goodbye to worries about misalignment or accidental dislodging.

Effortless Installation

Installing detectors has never been easier. These bases are engineered for a one-way fit, eliminating any guesswork. Plus, they require clockwise rotation without push force to be plugged in, making them exceptionally user-friendly. This feature is particularly handy when fitting detectors to suspended ceilings.

Ground Wire Terminal

Safety is paramount when it comes to detector systems. The Series 65A Base includes a ground wire terminal, ensuring the proper grounding of conductors or cable screens. This feature not only enhances safety but also helps maintain earth continuity where needed.

Wide Interior Diameter, Easy Access

The Series 65A Base is designed with practicality in mind. Its wide interior diameter provides ample space for easy access to cables and terminals, simplifying the installation process. Additionally, two slots for fixing screws, spaced precisely at 2.01 inches (51 mm) to 2.72 inches (69 mm), offer a secure and flexible mounting solution.

Upgrade your detector system with the Apollo Series 65A Base and experience unparalleled ease, security, and efficiency in installation. Elevate your fire safety measures today!

Key Features at a Glance

  • Two-wire base for simplified wiring
  • Detector locking mechanism for enhanced security
  • One-way fit for effortless installation
  • Easy access to cables and terminals
  • Includes a ground wire terminal for safety
  • Contains no electric parts, ensuring reliability

Don’t compromise on safety or convenience. Invest in the Apollo Series 65A Base and take your detector system to the next level. Your peace of mind is worth it.

Unleash the full potential of your detector system with the Apollo Series 65A Base. Upgrade now and experience the difference!

Weight 0.3 kg
part number

45681-200 (4” Base), 45681-220 (6” Base)


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