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Elevate Safety with S-Quad Multifunction Devices | White S4-911-V-VAD-HPW | Advanced Sensors and Visual Alarms

The S-Quad range of multifunction devices includes sensors with sounder, speech and EN54-23-certified visual alarms. This allows the maximum flexibility for designers providing cover for a building. The advanced sensing technology is enhanced with a device that can alert building occupants with a highly visible visual alarm and a recorded voice message to ensure all occupants are alerted to an emergency.

Innovative design has allowed the LED visual alarm to be built into the centre of the sensor with the sounder and speech circuits inside providing a neat and aesthetic solution to multi-function devices.



Experience the pinnacle of safety technology with the S-Quad Multifunction Device, a revolutionary solution for building safety. This advanced device combines sensors with sounder, speech, and EN54-23 certified visual alarms, ensuring maximum flexibility for building designers. The S-Quad range integrates innovative design, featuring a neatly built LED visual alarm at the center of the sensor, providing a sleek and aesthetic multi-function solution.


1. Revolutionizing Safety with S-Quad Multifunction Devices

The S-Quad range redefines safety with its multifunction devices, incorporating sensors with cutting-edge technologies. From heat and dual-angle optical scatter to carbon monoxide detection, these devices offer unparalleled safety coverage for your building.

2. Innovative Design for Aesthetic Appeal

Unlike traditional safety devices, the S-Quad integrates an LED visual alarm seamlessly into the center of the sensor. The sounder and speech circuits are housed inside, presenting an innovative and aesthetic solution for multi-function devices.

3. Advanced Sensing Technologies

The sensors within the S-Quad devices utilize a combination of advanced sensing technologies, including heat, dual-angle optical scatter, and carbon monoxide detection. This innovative approach not only enhances sensitivity but also provides a higher level of false alarm immunity, especially in the presence of steam.

4. Certified Sensitivity Settings

Each sensor comes with certified sensitivity settings tailored for specific environments and applications. Additionally, they can be programmed for different times of the day, adding a layer of customization to suit varying safety needs.

5. Integrated Short Circuit Isolator

Ensuring the reliability of the system, each S-Quad device is equipped with a short circuit isolator. This feature enhances the device’s functionality and ensures uninterrupted safety monitoring.

6. Configurable Input/Output Connection

The devices offer a configurable input/output connection, allowing for the integration of remote indicators or supervisory inputs. Enjoy fully synchronized sound patterns via the control panel for a comprehensive safety experience.

7. Adjustable Sound Level and Tones

Tailor the sound experience to your system with adjustable sound levels and tones in the sensor sounders. This customization ensures that the auditory alerts align with your overall safety system.

8. Overload Protection for Uninterrupted Operation

The S-Quad devices are equipped with sound element monitoring and overload protection. Even in the event of a cable fault, these safety measures ensure uninterrupted operation, maintaining the device’s efficacy.

9. Synchronized and Compatible Sound Output

The sound output is synchronized and compatible with the S-Quad range of EN54-23 Visual Alarm Devices (VADs), offering a cohesive safety solution.

Elevate Your Safety Standards with S-Quad

In summary, the S-Quad Multifunction Device is not just a safety device; it’s a safety revolution. With innovative design, advanced sensing technologies, certified sensitivity settings, and customizable features, the S-Quad ensures your building’s safety is in the forefront of technology.


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