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Gent Fire Alarm A3 Zonal and Graphic Mimic Fire Alarm Addressable Control Panel



A Vigilon A3 Mimic panel (VIG-MIM-A3) must be connected to a loop circuit of a Vigilon fire detection and alarm system. It is used to provide indication of fire events in the system. However it can also be used to provide indication of fault and supervisory events in the system. The panel can be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation.  A Customised Mimic holds a pictorial overlay that represents the protected building or an area within.

A fire event is indicated by the illumination of appropriate red LEDs behind the overlay to show the location of the fire. A Zonal Mimic provides a traditional zone by zone indication of a fire. Each zone is given a location label to identify the area within a building. The panel illumination defaults to a Zonal Mimic but can be reprogrammed during commissioning to be a Customised Mimic.

An array of red lights illuminates individually or in groups. Illuminations may be applied to include custom shapes, text and digital clock in small or large size. A site specific ‘welcome message’ may be configured for display during quiescent conditions that can scroll if it is too long to fit the display area. First or last fire flashing option, with in phase or anti phase flash. The panel has its own mains derived power supply with battery for standby power in the event of mains supply failure.


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