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NoBurn XP Fire Resistant Cable

  • Easy to Install and Superb Working Flexibility
  • No Need to Remove Insulation to Terminate
  • Fastest Fire Cable to Prepare for Termination
  • Red, White, Black & Orange Outer Sheaths Available
  • Choice of 1.0 mm2 ,1.5 mm2 , 2.5 mm2 or 4.0 mm2 Conductors
  • 100m, 200m 500m as Standard Stock Lines & Special Length Reels Available
  • Aluminium / Co-polymer Foil Screen
  • 300/500V
  • LPCB Approved & Certified

Certified Specifications:-

  • BS 6387:2013 CWZ (Fire Resistance Separate Samples Test) Fire, Fire/Mechanical Shock, Fire/Water
  • BS EN 50200:2015 +Annex E (Fire Resistance Test) 30 Minutes Fire, Mechanical Shock & Water
  • BS EN 50200:2015 PH30, PH60 and PH120 (Fire Resistance Test) Fire & Mechanical Shock only
  • BS EN 50754-1:2014 (Halogen Emission Tests)
  • BS EN 61034-2:2005 (Low Smoke Emission Tests)
  • BS EN 60332-1-2:2004 (Single Cable Flame Retardancy)
  • BS EN 60332-3-24:2009 & BS EN 60332-3-25:2009 (Bunched Cables Flame Retardancy)

NoBurn XP is designed and developed to maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions and to meet and comply with the varied performance requirements of international fire cable demands. Approved and certified by LPCB to meet the highest fire and emission performance standards, NoBurn XP is supplied with a Drain Wire in place of a full size CPC (Earth Wire). NoBurn XP is limited for sale to export markets where fire cable regulation variances allow the use of the cables specification.

NoBurn XP is guaranteed for 10 years and designed with a life expectancy of 30 years or more. Durable yet flexible and easy to dress, NoBurn’s all in one sheath and unique EZE-PREP insulation makes it the fastest soft skin fire cable to strip and terminate – Save time and money!

Ventcroft are now the 2nd largest manufacturer of British Standards soft skin fire cables in the World. NoBurn fire cable is manufactured in the UK using the latest technology, materials and manufacturing equipment.

NoBurn XP is LPCB certified to meet the requirements of the following applications:-

  • Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Also suitable for use with:-
  • Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Fire Voice Alarm Systems
  • Fire Communication Systems
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