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Nexus 105 Sounder Beacon (AC) | Fire Alarm System

  • IP Rating: IP66
  • Operating temperature: -25C – +55C
  • Cable Entries: 5
  • Weight: 0.8kg
  • Applications: Conveyors, process control alarms, cranes, moving machinery, general signalling
  • Available in different colour lenses such as red, amber, clear, blue, green

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


The Nexus 105 is a high-output sounder-beacon designed for industrial applications.
Connections are made to the base during the initial wiring phase which results in faster and more reliable installation. In addition, the head is fixed by quarter-turn fasteners enabling faster installation and accurate seal compression for weatherproofing.
The combination of a powerful sounder and high-output xenon beacon ensures a very effective audio-visual signal. 110dB and 120dB units, as well as DC variants, are also available.

■ High sound output: 113dB (max); 105dB typical
■ 5J xenon beacon
■ Quarter turn fasteners for ease of installation
■ First-fix, wire to base technology
■ IP66 rated, Three alarm stages, Low inrush current (Led only)

■ Volume control for greater flexibility – 20dB
■ 64 tones, Static/flashing mode (led only)
■ Separate connections for sounder & beacon

Weight 0.8 kg

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, amber, clear

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    • Compact, ultra-modern sleek appearance
    • Long life Led design
    • Ease of installation with first-fix option on standard models
    • Weatherproof to IP65, up to IP67 with a separate cable connector
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    • Flashing or Static Indicators
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    • Flash Rate: 1Hz
    • Operating temperatures: -20c – +70c
    • IP Rating: IP65 (Standard) IP67 (with cable connector)
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