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Rapid Response Fire Safety: Manual Call Point for Vigilon & Nano Systems | (Excludes Back Box) S4-34842

  • Resettable or break glass
  • Lift up protective covers
  • Up to 200 per loop
  • Integral short-circuit isolator

Elevate your fire safety infrastructure with the cutting-edge Manual Call Point for Vigilon and Nano Systems. This essential component ensures rapid response times, continuously monitoring triggers system-wide to guarantee a response in less than one second. Explore the comprehensive features of this manual call point range, offering versatility, security, and easy installation.

Key Features

1. Continuous System-Wide Monitoring

Every manual call point in this range is equipped with continuous monitoring, ensuring a lightning-fast response to triggers across the entire system. Safety is prioritized, with a guaranteed response time of less than one second.

2. Versatile Options

Choose from options with glass elements or resettable elements based on your specific needs. The range caters to diverse requirements, offering flexibility in manual call point selection.

3. Lift-Up Protective Covers

Enhance the durability of your manual call points with lift-up protective covers. These covers provide an additional layer of protection, ensuring the longevity of the system even in demanding environments.

4. Key Switch Version for Security

Opt for the key switch version in areas prone to tampering or vandalism. This version adds an extra layer of security, restricting access to authorized personnel only.

5. Environmentally Protected (EP) Option

For harsh environments, the Environmentally Protected (EP) version with Ingress protection rating IP67 is available. Complete with a resettable element, protective cover, and backbox, it ensures resilience against environmental elements.

6. Easy Installation

The manual call points for Vigilon and Nano systems are designed for easy installation. Mount them on standard installation back boxes or choose bespoke red back boxes for surface mounting, providing flexibility in installation methods.

7. Scalability

With the capability of having up to 200 manual call points per loop, this range offers scalability to meet the demands of various applications. Scale your fire safety system as needed without compromising efficiency.

8. Integral Short-Circuit Isolator

Benefit from an integral short-circuit isolator, enhancing the reliability and safety of the system. The isolator adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

Secure Your Environment with Vigilon and Nano Systems

In summary, the Manual Call Point for Vigilon and Nano Systems is a crucial element in fortifying your fire safety measures. From versatile options to scalable installation and advanced security features, this range ensures that your safety is never compromised.


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