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Revolutionize Fire Alarm Control with Gent VIG-BNG-RW Bacnet Gateway – Seamless BACnet Integration for Enhanced Safety


Introducing the Gent VIG-BNG-RW Bacnet Gateway Assembly for Vigilon & Compact with Controls & Command Builds

Unlock seamless integration and advanced communication with the BACNET-GW-3, an innovative solution bridging NOTIFIER’s fire panel network and BACnet/IP protocol. This state-of-the-art gateway transforms NFN fire alarm control panels into BACnet objects, ensuring efficient data exchange and enhanced control.

Key Features

1. BACnet Compatibility

  • The BACNET-GW-3 adheres to the American National Standard (ANSI/ASHRAE 135-1995), guaranteeing compatibility with the widely adopted BACnet protocol.

2. Event Notification Integration

  • Users can subscribe to Event Notification objects per FACP, enabling the BACnet device to receive real-time events from objects on the FACP. This ensures prompt and accurate response to critical situations.

3. Versatile Connectivity

  • The gateway can be seamlessly connected to a stand-alone ONYX® panel (9th edition) or any network control module via the available network port. This flexibility ensures easy integration into diverse system architectures.

4. Scalability and Performance

  • Each BACNET-GW-3 supports up to 14 nodes or 15,000 objects, offering scalability for expanding networks. For larger installations, multiple BACNET-GW-3s can be deployed, ensuring optimal performance.

5. Vigilon BACnet Gateway (VIG-BNG)

  • Specifically designed for GENT EN54 Vigilon fire detection and alarm systems, the VIG-BNG provides a seamless interface between computer networks and the Vigilon system. This ensures reliable communication and comprehensive control.

Installation and Configuration

Simple Integration

  • The BACNET-GW-3 boasts a user-friendly installation process, whether connecting to a standalone ONYX® panel or a network control module.

 Event Subscription Setup

  • Easily configure event subscriptions per FACP to tailor the system’s response to specific events. This step ensures that the BACnet device receives relevant notifications.

 Network Connectivity Options

  • Explore the diverse connectivity options, including direct connection to ONYX® panels or network modules. This step-by-step guide simplifies the configuration process.

Scalability Guidelines

  • Learn how to maximize the scalability of the BACNET-GW-3 by understanding the maximum supported nodes and objects. This ensures optimal performance in networks of varying sizes.

VIG-BNG Integration

  • For users of GENT EN54 Vigilon systems, detailed instructions on integrating the VIG-BNG into your network. This step ensures seamless communication and comprehensive control.

Elevate Your Fire Alarm System

Invest in the future of fire alarm control with the Gent VIG-BNG-RW Bacnet Gateway Assembly. Experience unparalleled connectivity, scalability, and control, ensuring your system is always ready to respond. Don’t miss out—empower your network today.


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