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Sonos Xenon Beacon Fire Alarm System (5J)

  • Dual voltage 110V AC or 230V AC
  • High Output 5J Xenon beacon
  • 10-60V DC, Up to 102dB (A) @ 1metre
  • No surge current
  • Single/double flash (DC version)
  • Easy installation, Weatherproof to IP65
  • Synchronised flash alarm tones (DC version)
  • Operating temperature: -25c – +55c
  • 2 x 20mm cable glands
  • ip65 ip rating
  • Available in red, clear, amber, green, blue color lens

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Introducing the Sonos Xenon Beacon (5J) – the pinnacle of industrial alert innovation that guarantees safety and efficiency like never before. Engineered to excel in both indoor and outdoor settings, this high-output electronic sounder beacon is the paramount choice for industrial applications.

Unleash the Power of Sonos Xenon Technology: Weather won’t stand in your way with the Sonos Xenon beacon, a beacon that boasts an impressive IP65 weatherproof rating. Say goodbye to limitations – its rugged design ensures seamless operation no matter the environment.

Universal Harmonization with 32 Tones: Embrace a world of auditory clarity with our Sonos sounder beacon’s exceptional selection of 32 tones. Compliant with major international standards, this beacon is a harmonious symphony of sound that’s universally understood.

Radiant Illumination, Unparalleled Spread: Dare to shine brighter with the full-faced translucent beacon case of the Sonos Xenon Beacon (5J). Experience a remarkable diffusion of light, unmatched by ordinary beacons. Whether compared to standard models or competitors, our beacon’s luminance is unrivalled.

Voltage Versatility for Effortless Integration: Versatility meets simplicity with dual voltage compatibility – choose between 110V AC or 230V AC for seamless integration into your setup. Plus, the high-output 5J Xenon beacon ensures your alert can’t be missed, with a resounding 102dB (A) @ 1 meter.

Swift Deployment, Resilient Build: Efficiency takes centre stage with the Sonos Xenon Beacon (5J). Effortless installation is guaranteed, and its IP65 weatherproof rating ensures unwavering performance even in the harshest conditions. This is industrial-grade reliability at its finest.

Precision in Every Flash: Experience synchronization like never before with the Sonos Xenon Beacon (5J). Its DC version boasts synchronised flash alarm tones, offering precision and coherence that is second to none. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a seamless, synchronized alert system.

Elevate your industrial alert experience with the Sonos Xenon Beacon (5J). Unrivalled in performance, innovation, and reliability, this beacon is the ultimate choice for those who demand the best. Don’t just signal – stand out with the Sonos Xenon Beacon (5J). Your safety is our priority.

Weight 0.25 kg

red deep base, white deep base


10-60V DC, 110-230V AC


Blue, Green, Red, amber, clear


330mA/24V DC, 70mA


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