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Upgrade Ventilation Safety with S4-34760-15 Venturi Tube – Enhanced Smoke Detection


Upgrade your ventilation system with the S4-34760-15 Venturi Tube, meticulously designed for compatibility with Duct Smoke Sensors. This 1.5m length tube enhances the efficiency of your smoke detection system, ensuring a reliable and responsive solution for a safer environment.

Long Description:

1. Optimize Smoke Detection with S4-34760-15 Venturi Tube

Elevate the performance of your duct smoke sensors with the S4-34760-15 Venturi Tube. Crafted for seamless integration into ventilation systems, this 1.5m length tube employs Venturi probe technology to enhance smoke detection capabilities.

2. Tailored for Duct Smoke Sensors

Specifically designed for use with Duct Smoke Sensors, the S4-34760-15 Venturi Tube ensures precise and efficient sampling of air for smoke particles. This tailored approach enhances the accuracy of your smoke detection system, providing an added layer of safety.

3. Venturi Probe Technology

The incorporation of Venturi probe technology sets this tube apart. By utilizing the Venturi effect, the tube accelerates air velocity, creating a low-pressure region that facilitates the sampling of air for smoke detection. This advanced technology ensures a swift and reliable response to potential hazards.

4. 1.5m Length for Versatile Installation

With a length of 1.5m, the S4-34760-15 Venturi Tube offers versatility in installation. Its design allows for optimal placement within ventilation ducting, catering to the specific needs of your environment while maintaining consistent and reliable smoke detection.

5. Enhance Safety Measures

Investing in the S4-34760-15 Venturi Tube is a proactive step toward enhancing the safety measures of your space. By optimizing the efficiency of your duct smoke sensors, you ensure a prompt response to smoke, minimizing risks and creating a safer environment for occupants.

6. Reliable, Responsive, and Ready for Action

In conclusion, the S4-34760-15 Venturi Tube is your solution for a reliable, responsive smoke detection system. Elevate the safety standards of your space with this meticulously designed component, ensuring that your ventilation system is always ready to respond to potential threats.


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