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Zeta Conventional Fyreye Fire Alarm MKII Diode Base – MKII-DB/MKII-DB/D

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Low profile or deep diode mounting base for the Fyreye MKII range of conventional detectors.


Fyreye MkII Conventional Detectors – Smoke and Heat Detection for Ultimate Safety


Introducing the Fyreye MkII Conventional Detectors, the cutting-edge solution to ensure your home or workplace is safeguarded against potential fire hazards. Our detectors come in various models to cater to your specific needs: MKII-OP, MKII-OH, MKII-HF, MKII-HF/CS90, and MKII-HR. Whether it’s optically dense smoke, quick temperature rises, or fixed heat detection, Fyreye has got you covered.

Optical Smoke Detection (MKII-OP): The MKII-OP detector utilizes a pulsing IR LED and photodiode to identify the presence of smoke particles in the air. This technology is highly effective in detecting materials like soft furnishings, PVC, plastic, foam, and more, producing small visible particles ranging from 0.5 to 10μm. With a coverage area of up to 100m², it ensures swift detection and response in the event of a fire.

Heat Detection (MKII-HR & MKII-HF): Our heat detectors, MKII-HR and MKII-HF, are designed to sense temperature changes accurately. MKII-HR reacts to rapid temperature increases and triggers an alarm at 57°C, while MKII-HF functions as a fixed heat detector with a similar 57°C trigger point. These detectors are ideal for areas where smoke detection might not be suitable but fire safety remains a top priority.

Advanced Features:

  • EN54 Compliant: Our detectors are designed to meet EN54 requirements, ensuring their reliability and compliance with industry standards.
  • Lockable Design: Prevent unauthorized removal with a lockable base, enhancing security.
  • Remote LED Output: Stay informed even from a distance with remote LED output capability.
  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all Fyreye bases, making integration seamless and hassle-free.

Bases: Choose from our range of bases to suit your installation needs:

  • MKII-CB: Common Base (100 x 16mm, 53g)
  • MKII-CB/D: Common Base with Diode (100 x 32mm, 64g)
  • MKII-DB/D:Diode Base  (100 x 32mm, 53g)
  • MKII-DB/D: Deep Diode Base with Diode (100 x 32mm, 64g)
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