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Zeta Maxitone Addressable Fire Alarm Sounder & Sounder Flasher


  • It is available as a sounder only in red or white, or as a combined sounder flasher in transparent red.
  • It is suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • It has a large back box with knockout cable entries, which has plenty of room for fitting the cables.
  • It has an internal 8-way dip switch for setting the device address and a sound output of 94 dBA @ 1m.
    Both units have a built-in short circuit isolator to provide system integrity in the event of cable damage.

Elevate Your Alert System with the Zeta Maxitone Addressable Sounder & Sounder Flasher – The Ultimate Choice for Versatile Alerting!

Section 1: Versatility Redefined

Meet the Maxitone Addressable Sounder – a powerful horn sounder designed for a multitude of applications. Compatible with any panel using the Zeta Addressable Protocol, this versatile device is available as a standalone sounder in red or white. For added functionality and visibility, opt for the combined sounder flasher in transparent red. Its suitability spans both indoor and outdoor use, making it a perfect fit for diverse environments.

Section 2: Hassle-Free Installation

Simplify your installation process with the Maxitone sounder. Its large back-box with knockout cable entries provides ample space for cable fitting, ensuring a clean and organized setup. An internal 8-way dip switch lets you effortlessly set the device address, streamlining the configuration process. With a sound output of 94 dBA at 1 meter, you can trust it to deliver clear and powerful alerts when you need them most.

Section 3: Built for Reliability

We understand the importance of reliability in safety devices. Both the standalone sounder and the combined sounder flasher come equipped with a built-in short circuit isolator. This critical feature ensures the integrity of your system even in the event of cable damage, providing peace of mind when it matters most. With an IP rating of 65, these devices can withstand challenging environmental conditions, from temperature extremes to high humidity.

Product Specifications:

  • Available Models: ZAMT/R (Red), ZAMT/W (White), ZAMTF/R (Transparent Red Flasher)
  • Supply Voltage: 17-33V
  • Standby Current: 0.6mA
  • Active Current: ZAMT models: 12mA, ZAMTF/R: 15mA
  • Sound Output: 94dB
  • Number of Tones: 2 (Controlled by FACP)
  • Flasher: ZAMT models: N/A, ZAMTF/R: Red LED – 2Hz
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
  • Maximum Humidity: 95% RH (Non-Condensing)
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Size (mm): 124 x 129 x 100
  • Weight: 200g

Upgrade your alert system with the Zeta Maxitone Addressable Sounder & Sounder Flasher. It’s not just an alert; it’s your reliable companion for safety.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 1.2 × 1.2 × 1 cm



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