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Zeta SMART10 Multi-loop Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

Original price was: ₦2,400,000.00.Current price is: ₦2,379,000.00.

Troubleshooting and programming time minimised by utilising a range of features such as loop auto search, walk test, detailed system menu etc.
Full system redundancy.
A menu-driven graphical touchscreen user interface for ease of operation.
Supports a comprehensive range of DIN-mounted
panel modules and devices for greater flexibility in design.
Available in a variety of different panel enclosure sizes to better suit the requirements of a site.
Touch screen full functioning repeater available (SMART/REP).


Experience Unrivaled Fire Alarm Control with the Zeta SMART10 Multi-loop Fire Alarm Control Panel

Elevate your fire safety with the Zeta SMART10 Multi-loop Fire Alarm Control Panel. This cutting-edge analogue addressable panel is designed to meet a wide range of applications, offering modular components for ultimate flexibility.

User-Friendly Interface

The SMART10/64 features a 4.3” color touchscreen display with an intuitive interface, ensuring end-users require minimal training. Its sophisticated design simplifies complex cause and effect programming, making it ideal for multi-site commercial developments and industrial applications.

Versatile Functionality

Whether operating as part of a networked system of up to 64 panels peer-to-peer or as a standalone panel, the SMART10/64 shines. Powerful programming options allow configurable control over message transmission, ensuring you stay in control.

Seamless Compatibility

Every SMART10/64 component is meticulously designed to operate within a Smart Multi-loop EN54 listed system. This guarantees compatibility between detectors, interfaces, sounders, and panels, providing a dependable fire alarm solution.

Key Features

  • Modular construction for customized panel configuration.
  • Supports up to 6 loop card modules.
  • Equipped with a 4.3” color touchscreen display.
  • Accommodates up to 10 intelligent modules.
  • Ensures full system redundancy.
  • Allows easy connection to a TCP/IP Module.
  • Offers extensive Day/Night mode programming.
  • Provides full cause and effect programming via the front panel or Smart configurator PC software.
  • Records 8032 event log entries.
  • Supports up to 250 Fyreye MKII devices per loop.
  • Offers 254 addressable programmable zones.
  • Allows a peer-to-peer network of up to 64 panels.
  • Features Positive Alarm Sequence.
  • Enables Day/Night (Building occupied/unoccupied) programming.
  • Includes an Alarm circuit special application 24V mode.
  • Equipped with a 400W Power Supply.

Technical Specifications

  • Standard: EN54-2 & EN54-4
  • Mains AC Supply Voltage: 230V AC (+10% / -15%) or 120V AC (+10% / -15%)
  • Mains AC Supply Frequency: 47-63 Hz
  • Power Supply DC Rating: 30V DC, 400W
  • Battery Voltage: 24VDC
  • Battery Capacity: 2 x 38Ah, 12VDC sealed lead-acid (max)
  • Output Voltage: 24VDC Nominal
  • Maximum Alarm Circuit Current: 2 x 500mA (max)
  • Maximum Loop Current: 450mA
  • Maximum Loop Capacity: 250 Addresses
  • Maximum Loop Resistance: 25Ω per core @ 200mA / 10Ω per core @ 450mA
  • Maximum Loop Capacitance: 500nF

Elevate Your Fire Safety Today

Upgrade to the Zeta SMART10 Multi-loop Fire Alarm Control Panel and enjoy a user-friendly interface, versatile functionality, and seamless compatibility. Your fire safety has never been this advanced.


Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 6.4 × 5.4 × 2 cm

Zeta Smart Connect MultiLoop (SMART10/64), Zeta Smart Connect MultiLoop (SMART10/P/64)


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    Original price was: ₦119,000.00.Current price is: ₦115,000.00.
    • Third-party certified to EN54 parts 2 and 4 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).
    • Intuitive user-friendly interface with colour-coded buttons and combined keypad/keyswitch entry.
    • Manufactured by C-TEC in the UK.
    • Two AlarmSense zone circuits – compatible with Apollo’s AlarmSense detectors, call points, sounders and visual indicators.
    • Four conventional sounder circuits.
    • Integral 1.5A EN54-4/A2 compliant switch mode PSU.
    • Wide range of engineering functions including zone test, coincidence, zone delay and non-latching zones.
    • Two on-board relays (Fire and Fault).
    • Two open-collector outputs (Remote and Reset).
    • ‘Class change’ and alert inputs.
    • Installer-friendly design.
    • Attractive flush or surface mountable plastic lid and enclosure – no bezel required.
    • Low 25mA quiescent current.
    • Multiple indicators.
    • System expansion connections provided for up to eight two-wire repeaters (one CFP761 network card required per system).
    • Space for two x 12V 3.3Ah VRLA batteries.
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