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Zeta SMART26 Multi-Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel – Elevate Fire Safety


4.3” colour touch screen display.
8032 Event Log.
Up to 64 panel peer-to-peer network.
13 status LED indicators.
5 function button controls.
Fully functioning repeater provides the ability to program a networked Smart Multi-loop control panel from the front screen.
Accommodates wiring lengths up to 1000 metres from the control panel for added design and install flexibility.
Network can we wired in either a bus or a ring topology if a redundant path is required.
8 password protected access accounts available (1 admin level, 7 user level).
Uncluttered and intuitive interface allows alarms, tech alarms, and fault events to be easily viewed.
Low power consumption.
Small enclosure


Elevate Fire Safety with the Zeta SMART26 Multi-Loop Control Panel 

Discover the cutting-edge SMART26 Multi-loop Control Panel, a pinnacle of fire safety technology that ensures your peace of mind. This powerful and sophisticated Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel is designed to meet a wide variety of applications, from multi-site commercial developments to industrial applications.

Intuitive Control at Your Fingertips

The SMART26 features a state-of-the-art graphical touch screen display, providing a clear, uncluttered, and intuitive interface. Users require minimal training, making it accessible to all. Its extensive day/night mode programming and full cause-and-effect programming via the front panel or Smart configurator PC software make it highly adaptable for various projects.

Seamless Integration and Network Control

This control panel seamlessly integrates into a networked system of up to 64 panels peer-to-peer. It offers powerful programming options that allow configurable control over message transmission, ensuring messages reach the right destinations. Whether used as part of a networked system or as a standalone panel, the SMART26 guarantees top-notch fire safety.

Modular Construction for Flexibility

The SMART26’s modular construction allows you to customize your panel using only the required modules. It supports up to 12 loop card modules and has the capacity for up to 26 intelligent modules. This flexibility ensures that your fire safety system meets your specific needs.

Key Features

  • 4.3″ color touch screen display.
  • Supports up to 64 panel peer-to-peer network.
  • Extensive day/night mode programming.
  • Full cause-and-effect programming.
  • Accommodates up to 250 fyreye MKII devices per loop.
  • Offers 254 addressable programmable zones.
  • Powerful 400W Power Supply.

Technical Specifications

  • Operational Voltage: 28VDC
  • Quiescent Current: 78mA
  • Maximum Current: 100mA
  • Communication Protocol: RS485
  • Maximum Network Size: 64 Nodes
  • Maximum Distance Between Nodes: 1KM (using a screened data cable) or 100m (using a standard fireproof cable)
  • Display: 4.3″ Resistive touch screen. 480 x 272 pixel resolution
  • LED Indicators: 1 Red (1 x Alarm), 1 Green (Power), 10 Yellow (1 x Sounder Active, 1 x Sounder Fault, 1 x Fault, 1 x Relay Delay, 1 x Controls Active, 1 x General Disablement, 1 x General Test, 1 x Sounder Disablement, 1 x Sounder Delay, 1 x System Fault)
  • Button Controls: Stop Sounders, Silence Buzzer, Scroll Display, Reset, Start Sounders
  • Enclosure Dimensions: 665mm x 975mm x 200mm
  • Weight: 27KG
  • Cable Entries: 114
  • Max Module Capacity: 26
  • Operating Temperature: -5°C (23°F) to 49°C (120°F)
  • Relative Humidity: 93% Non-Condensing

Upgrade your fire safety system with the SMART26 Multi-Loop Control Panel, where cutting-edge technology meets peace of mind. Ensure your space is protected, and order now.

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 7 × 9 × 2 cm

Zeta Smart Connect MultiLoop (SMART26/64), Zeta Smart Connect MultiLoop (SMART26/P/64)


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