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Zeta ADDRESSABLE FIRE ALARM ZIS-40 | Base for Intrinsically Safe Smoke Detector

Technical Specification

  • Diameter of installation cable wires (ZIS-40; ZIS-40/W): 1mm max; n/a
  • Spacing between installation holes (ZIS-40; ZIS-40/W): 63mm; 127mm
  • Dimensions (ZIS-40; ZIS-40/W): Ø107 x 28.5mm; Ø112 x 26mm
  • Combined height: 43mm
  • Weight: 0.1kg

Intrinsically Safe Smoke Detector Base (ZIS-40) – Secure Mounting and Convenient Wiring

Product Description:

Are you in need of a reliable and safe solution for mounting your Intrinsically Safe Smoke Detector (ZISOSD) on a ceiling while ensuring seamless connectivity? Look no further, because our ZIS-40 base has you covered. Designed with precision and engineered for excellence, the ZIS-40 base is the perfect companion for your ZISOSD detector, guaranteeing both safety and convenience.

Versatile Mounting Options:

The ZIS-40 base is specifically designed for mounting ZISOSD detectors on ceilings. Whether you’re dealing with suspension strands or areas with water vapor condensation, our base is ready to adapt. It can be effortlessly mounted in a ZIS-40/W base attachment or in spaces where ceiling condensation may be a concern.

Sealing Gland Included:

What sets our base apart is the inclusion of an additional PG-7 sealing gland. This feature transforms it into a suspended base, ensuring that your detector remains securely in place, even in challenging environments.

Effortless Installation:

Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated wiring. The ZIS-40 base boasts screw-free connecting block terminals that make wire connection a breeze. The innovative design of the base allows for flexible attachment to various substrates, with the added benefit of ensuring a neat and aesthetically pleasing wire routing.

Enhanced Security:

We take safety seriously. The ZIS-40 base is equipped with a safety latch, which means that the detector cannot be removed without the use of a special release key. This added security feature ensures the integrity of your detection system.

Convenient Interconnections:

Our product facilitates the interconnection of detection lines, whether you’re routing them for semi-flush or surface mounting. Additionally, the base includes an extra connector for the detector loop screen, offering enhanced functionality.

Versatile Terminal Strip:

The terminal strip on the ZIS-40 base features six terminals, including two pairs marked as “+” and “-” for interconnecting an addressable detection loop (both input and output). It also provides two terminals for connecting MKII-RL/W or MKII-RL/C remote LED indicators, giving you full control over your detection system.

Enhance Aesthetics with ZIS-40/C Masking Ring:

For those looking to maintain a clean and polished appearance, our ZIS-40 base is compatible with the ZIS-40/C masking ring. This optional accessory allows you to conceal visible parts of the detector base, making it an ideal choice for offices and similar settings. Please note that the ZIS-40/C masking ring is not included in the base product package and should be ordered separately.

Continuity Checking Made Easy:

To further simplify your maintenance tasks, we offer the ZW-40 jumper. This handy accessory enables you to check the continuity of detection lines even when the detector has been removed from the base.

Invest in the ZIS-40 base today, and experience the perfect blend of safety, versatility, and convenience for your Intrinsically Safe Smoke Detector system. It’s a choice you won’t regret, designed to meet the highest standards of excellence in both form and function.

Order yours now and secure your detection system with confidence.

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