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Cutting-Edge Velocity Zeta Aspiration Smoke Detection Fire Alarm Panel ~ VDOT-ASD-100

  • Four Alarm Levels
  • 7 Relay Outputs
  • 3 in 1 Control/Display/Programmer Front PanelRS485 Network
  •  Support Modbus RTU Open Protoc

Zeta Aspiration Smoke Detection Panel – VDOT-ASD-100

Product Description:

Are you in need of cutting-edge fire detection technology for safeguarding high-risk environments such as warehouses, clean rooms, data centers, or electrical cabinets? Look no further than the Zeta Aspiration Smoke Detection Panel – VDOT-ASD-100. Designed with precision and equipped with advanced features, this system ensures the utmost protection against potential fire hazards.

Key Features:

  1. Aspiration Smoke Detection Excellence: The Velocity Aspiration Smoke Detection system is a critical component of comprehensive fire detection and alarm systems. It excels in monitoring environments where early detection is crucial, such as warehouses, cold storage facilities, clean rooms, data centers, server rooms, electrical cabinets, and areas with high-risk equipment.
  2. Highly Efficient Aspirator: This system incorporates a highly efficient built-in aspirator that continuously analyzes the surrounding air. Air samples from the monitored area are drawn in through strategically placed openings on the detection tube.
  3. High Sensitivity Smoke Detection: The VDOT-ASD-100 employs a high-power, short-wavelength blue LED as its detection light source. This technology makes it exceptionally sensitive to even the smallest smoke particles generated during the incipient stage of a fire, which may remain invisible to the human eye.
  4. Unmatched Alarm Sensitivity: With an alarm sensitivity range of 0.005~20%/m, the VDOT-ASD-100 is 1000 times more sensitive than conventional point-type smoke detectors. This ensures that even the faintest traces of smoke are detected promptly.
  5. Wide Smoke Detection Range: The smoke detection range of the VDOT-ASD-100 spans from 0.001% to 25%/m, providing comprehensive coverage for diverse environments.
  6. Extensive Event Logging: Keep track of system events with an event log that can store up to 25,000 entries. The system records events such as alarms, faults, operations, smoke detection, flow detection, and auxiliary gas sensor readings.
  7. Multiple Alarm Levels: The VDOT-ASD-100 offers four alarm levels, allowing you to customize the system’s response to different smoke levels and potential threats.
  8. Versatile Relay Outputs: Benefit from seven relay outputs that provide you with flexible control options in case of an alarm or specific events.
  9. User-Friendly Control Panel: The 3-in-1 Control/Display/Programmer Front Panel simplifies system operation and programming, ensuring ease of use.
  10. Network Connectivity: Connect multiple VDOT-ASD-100 units via RS485 network with support for Modbus RTU Open Protocol. This allows for centralized monitoring and control of multiple zones or areas.

Invest in the Zeta Aspiration Smoke Detection Panel – VDOT-ASD-100 today to enhance the safety and protection of your critical spaces. With its unparalleled sensitivity and comprehensive features, you can trust it to provide early warning and rapid response to potential fire incidents, minimizing damage and ensuring the safety of personnel and assets.

Ensure the safety of your high-risk environments with the VDOT-ASD-100 – your first line of defense against fire hazards. Order now and experience peace of mind like never before.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 2 × 1 cm


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