Gent 17801-01 Surface Mount Base with Dual Diodes

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  • Key Features
    • Common to all Gent series detectors
    • Automatic locking option
    • Head out continuity monitoring
    • Easy to install

The Gent 17801-01 is a Polar White conventional fire detector base with diode. It allows any Gent 17801-01 conventional detector to be removed or replaced without disconnecting wiring from detector terminals. Detectors plug into the base units with a simple twist and lock action, allowing quick and easy removal for cleaning and servicing, or reselection of detector type should the usage of the protected area change.
Designed for systems complying with the recommendations of Gent 17801-01 where the removal of a detector from its base must not affect the operation of devices wired further down the line, the Gent 17801-01 base includes a diode arrangement providing line continuity. When using the Gent 17801-01 with any conventional control panel for head out monitoring, the line must be terminated with a active end-of-line device.

Robust wiring terminals

Forming an integral part of the overall detector assembly, the base is provided with slots for screw fixing to either surface wiring plates, or conduit boxes with screw fixing centres between 50 and 90 mm.

The Gent 17801-01 features robust wiring terminals with captive clamping washers to ensure secure wiring termination. The bases are of shallow design with ample space to accommodate cables of all types. Terminals are provided inside the moulding for the connection of a remote LED when required.

Automatic locking

In order to prevent the unauthorised removal of a detector from its base, an automatic locking breakout is incorporated into all detector mouldings. When this breakout is removed, detectors can then only be released from their bases by the use of a special tool. The locking facility is an easily applied option often taken on-site at the system commissioning stage.

For systems where head out continuity is not a requirement, the Gent 17801-01 base should be installed.

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Gent 17801-01 Surface Mount Base with Dual Diodes