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Tag: ST330

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    Original price was: ₦28,000.00.Current price is: ₦25,000.00.

    1. Mini standalone, compact size.

    2. Stainless steel buttons with water proof design.

    3. Built-in doorbell button(110V/3A).

    4. Extra large BAR indicator lights.

    5. Polycarbonate fireproof material for casing( white or dark gray).

    6. Extra large bar size indicator light consists of instructions (red and green). Glowing indicator with red or green light acted as an assistance to press the buttons at night.

    7. Water-proof design equipped with doorbell buttons for outdoor fitting. 

    8. Five door opening methods: password door opening, proximity card door opening, proximity card plus password opening, password or proximity card door opening, special system password door opening. 

    9. 3×4 Stainless steel durable buttons, anti-acidity and salinity. 

    10. 2,000cards capacity, 8-digit card number.  

    11. Any illegal forms of entering occurred, such as illegal entry or enter without card, alarm will be activated. 

    Single or batch registration can be done with reader. Cards could be distributed before registration. 

    12. Tamper switch. Alarm will be activated when machine is being tampered with force. 

    13. Power consumption: 1.8W, power supply: 12V/1A. 

    14.Dimensions of outer case: 125L x 33H x 70W (mm). 

    15. Operating temperature: 0~65oC. Humidity: 85% Rh max.

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