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Zeta Fyreye MkII Addressable Fire Alarm Detector Bases – MKII-CB, MKII-CB/D, MKII-IB

Original price was: ₦4,000.00.Current price is: ₦3,500.00.

Low profile or deep diode mounting base for the Fyreye MKII range of addressable detectors.



The MkII range of detectors can be mounted on 3 different bases, a shallow base (MKII-CB), a deep base (MKII-CB/D), and an isolator base (MKII-IB).


Fyreye MKII Addressable Common Base for use with MKII-AOPI, MKII-AHRI, MKII-AHFI & MKII-AOHI


Also available is a new Detector Address Plate (MKII-CB/DAP) which can be used with the MKII-CB and MKII-CB/D bases. An address label can be fitted to the plate allowing the detector’s address to be easily identified.

Advanced Features:

  • EN54 Compliant: Our detectors are designed to meet EN54 requirements, ensuring their reliability and compliance with industry standards.
  • Lockable Design: Prevent unauthorized removal with a lockable base, enhancing security.
  • Remote LED Output: Stay informed even from a distance with remote LED output capability.
  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all Fyreye bases, making integration seamless and hassle-free.

Bases: Choose from our range of bases to suit your installation needs:

  • MKII-CB: Common Base (100 x 15mm, 48g)
  • MKII-CB/D: Common Base with Diode (100 x 34mm, 60g)
  • MKII-IB: Isolator base (100 x 15mm, 48g)
  • MKII-ISO: Isolator base and cover (100 x 25mm, 85g)
  • MKII-CBI:Diode Base  (100 x 33mm, 90g)
  • MKII-CB/DAP: Detector Address Plate (100 x 13mm, 17g)
Weight 0.3 kg

(MKII-IB) – isolator base, MKII-CB ~ Common Base, MKII-CB/D ~ Common Base with diode, MKII-CB/DAP Detector Addressable Plate, MKII-CSI Diode base, MKII-ISO Isolator base with cover


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